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Energy; from nuclear power plants to solar energy.

Construction necessary to shrink oil dependency.



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2009-2010; Foothill is dewatering in the Santa Ana River in Corona, CA

Construction of the River Road replacement bridge.

Slope Protection at Green River


Oxnard, CA

2010: Successful installation of extensive dewatering system designed to function at less than 1ppm of sand content from the drilled wells



Recent News



Construction will build a new economy.

$2 Billion goes to Solar Projects



Foothill Engineering & Dewatering Inc.

Of major concern to our clients, and all excavating contractors are soils conditions and groundwater hydrostatic pressure. These two components can dictate the safety level of a project, and be the cause of extensive unplanned expense. Shoring, sloping and perimeter dewatering efforts all enhance the soil stability, reducing these hazards in a cost effective manner.
Dewatering is what we do well.



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Equipment Sales and Rental

  • Generators :  25Kw to 400Kw; Trailer and Skid Mount
  • External Fuel Cells :  Double Bulkhead
  • Diesel Powered Pumps :  Self-Priming, High Pressure; Trailer and Skid Mount
  • Electrical Powered Pumps :  Vacuum Assisted and Self-Priming
  • Submersible Pumps :  Contractor, Dewatering and Turbine
  • Build to Specs :  Manufacture by Client Specifications
  • Design and Build :  Manufacture by Project Criteria
  • Delivery Available :  Flatbed, Crane-Trucks, Permit Loads


  • Dewatering :  drilled wells, jetted wells, wellpoints, eductors, and more
  • Drilling :  truck or track-mount, Soilmec, LoDril and Spiradrill rigs
  • Sewer By-Pass Systems :  electrical and diesel powered, back-up units.
  • Temporary Pipelines :  water supply, by-pass
  • Fabrication :  your design or ours, we have a full shop.
  • Discharge Permit Assistance :  lab analysis, treatment, it's all here.
  • Local Deminimus Discharge Permit : can minimize time for permitting.

Project Administration

  • Contract Installations :  one of many options.
  • Our Design or Owner Designed Installations :  large or small operations.
  • Flexible Costing:  lump-sum, per unit, hourly; what works for you.
  • Extensive Insurance Coverage :  don't leave home without it
  • Certified Payroll :  project required documents are available.
  • Contractors Licenses :  California (A, C-57), Nevada and Arizona

Wide Area of Operations

  • Ordinary to the Unusual :  we have rendered our services in very odd places.
  • Local and Distant : across the street or the next state, anywhere the need.
  • HAZWOPER :  special certifications are available

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Interesting Things:


Did You Know....

Hydrostatic pressure of plain water at a depth, is about 1/2 psi per foot of water? Divers at 100' have about 50 psi on them.

How About....

One US gallon of clean water weighs about 8.35 lbs (8-1/2 is easier to remember)

Rule of Thumb:


At 480 volts, 3 phase; 1 hp uses about 1.5 amps, but it's more on Delta configuration.


For every inch of vacuum you can achieve about one foot of lift with clean water

Other Stuff....

A Little History....

The principle of buoyancy is attributed to Archimedes.

How Much Water....

1.6% of the earths water resources resides in aquifers.

Worth a Look....

  • California/Nevada earthquakes
  • ....................
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