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Energy; from nuclear power plants to solar energy.

Construction necessary to shrink oil dependency.



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2009-2010; Foothill is dewatering in the Santa Ana River in Corona, CA

Construction of the River Road replacement bridge.

Slope Protection at Green River


Oxnard, CA

2010: Successful installation of extensive dewatering system designed to function at less than 1ppm of sand content from the drilled wells



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Construction will build a new economy.

$2 Billion goes to Solar Projects



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  1. How do I obtain assistance with dewatering?
  2. What about this "Discharge Permit"?
  3. How do I get proper pump sizing ?
  4. Why so many different types of Drill Rigs ?
  5. What is the most common installation difficulties ?
  6. What is your primary concern on any project ?

How do I obtain assistance with dewatering ?

Short of performing an aquifer analysis, we begin with basic information to make an assessment. Soils conditions (lithology), dimensions of excavation(s), groundwater levels, environmental conditions/concerns, topography, and discharge permit information to start.

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What about this "Discharge Permit" ?

Discharge Permit for a dewatering system is Site Specific and commonly required. This is not the same as a SWPPP permit. A laboratory analysis of the groundwater is required, the extent of which is dictated by the permitting agency. We have extensive experience in obtaining these permits, which can be challenging.

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How do I get proper pump sizing ?

With just a few bits of information, this can be achieved. The GPM (gallons per minuet) requirement at what TDH (total dynamic head), what material is to be pumped, and the dimensions of the pump's container/access. With a pump using vacuum, the suction lift is also required. Give us a call and we will walk you through it.

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Why so many types of Drill Rigs ?

Each Drilling Rig we own has individual attributes; poor access, overhead power lines, extended reach or drilling boulders. Thanks to the expertise of Rig and tooling manufacturers like Champion Equipment, Bay Shore Systems, Spiradrill, and Soilmec, diversity is at hand.

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What is the most common installation difficulties ?

Access is number one. The groundwater is at its highest when we arrive, thusly, sometimes our work begins in a veritable swamp. But we're used to having chronic athlete's feet and wet socks; it's our job.

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What is your primary concern on any project ?

That is a most difficult question. Can there be a greater concern than customer satisfaction? Customer satisfaction is our goal, but, project safety is our achievement. Foothill has expended an enormous effort to obtain and maintain our impressive safety record. From our D.O.T Drug Testing Program, our OSHA Compliance Training, our sixty page IIPP and our individual attitude, we are a proud lot.

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